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    As licensed real estate professionals and previously licensed marijuana business owners, we understand the hot cannabis real estate and business markets. We have the experience and knowhow to guide you through the complex regulatory environment that comes with starting and expanding your cannabis venture.​ Our Team pays special attention to:
    Zoning regulations for all cannabis-friendly Counties & Municipalities ~
    ~ Community analysis for Buffer ZonesDistance RequirementsMarket Data ~
    Property Analysis for Electrical Capacity, HVAC, Security & Investment Potential (ROI) ~
    Our Network of industry professionals include attorneys who specialize in cannabis and water law, consultants with marijuana-licensed business industry experience, all kinds of various financial services, cannabis-focused certified contractors, and American-made greenhouse manufacturers who will design/construct the greenhouse of your eco-conscious and sustainable cultivation dreams. 
    We are proud to be part of these revolutionary times and look forward to helping you accomplish your marijuana-related real estate, business, and/or advertising goals! Tell your cannabis industry professional you found them through the Green Light Network.


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